My creative work experience mostly consists of...
Virtual Environment Coordinator
Kikokushijo Academy, Tokyo, Japan (
December 2020 - February 2022)
Developing and maintain an adaptable learning platform during the Covid-19 pandemic. 
This role focused on facilitating and coordinating a digital learning environment for both student and teacher. 
While the importance surrounded streamlining, it also enveloped UI and UX design. Through my time here, I was also able to engage in VisCom projects and develop proposals for rapid changes. 

Concept Artist / Product Designer
freelance, international/digital (January, 2020 - ongoing)
Starting as a project to build a social-network portfolio, I entered the freelance workplace. Through this I learned two vital thoughts. 
One: as an independent practitioner, I needed to understand my value. Work produced needs to be valued with a balance between time and skill. While time spent is an important factor to consider, it should not dictate the overall value of a delivered product. 

Two: working as (essentially) a one-man operation, I needed to learn aspects of community, law and economics and how they are deeply intertwined with the creative industry. The freedom to own ones' time and work requires constant maintenance and responsibility. 

gallery staff / web advisor
the bower, Camberwell, London (June - November, 2019)
This was an experience taken during a work placement, to uncover the gallery experience and the different activities involved in maintaining and growing an art space. Aspects of marketing, interior design, outsourcing, event planning and directing/curating were core principles to the space. 

concept artist 
tejix, Urayasu, Japan (November, 2017 -  March, 2018)
Here, I had the opportunity to work with a theme park engineering company to produce story boards, mood boards and concept art. Our task was to manifest a proposed attraction for Fuji Q in Japan with a theme around Hatsune Miku, a vocaloid software and synthetic celebrity. 

visual Aid / proofreader & translator
Howlt., Tokyo, Japan (June, 2015 - October, 2017)
An exciting experience at shadowing an industry professional who works as a one-man operation. Here, I learned some fundamentals of coding for websites, screen printing and story boarding. During this time, I was also invited to work on translating a graphic book and discovered that my insight as a multi-cultural individual could help to develop my identity as a creative.

woodwork staff / interior design apprentice
Machiya Renovation, Kyoto, Japan (June - august, 2016)
One of the strangest and most wonderful experiences I've had in a creative environment. Spending a month assisting a small team of 5 professionals in reconstructing and renovating a machiya (Traditional Japanese wooden townhouse). Throughout this time I also had the luxury of going to many of Kyoto's fascinating shrines and temples to study the traditional woodwork techniques of Japan. Here, I learned a true sense of harmony with nature and art, as well as, the art of creating with minimalism and resources in mind. 

marketing summer internship 
dentsu / 
Denner systems, inc. / sony music entertainment inc., Tokyo japan (June - August, 2015)
Having spent some time in the creative industry, I was keen to grow an understanding of the synthesis between creation and business. During this, I shadowed professionals in the entertainment industry, working in fast-paced and carefully thought plans to grow and maintain engaging brand identity.

Other Experiences to mention...

design Students' Representative
ravensbourne university, London, England (September, 2015 - July, 2016)

camera operator / equipment manager
Caia Project Productions, London, England
March - may, 2016)

graphic design intern
glam beast co., ltd, Tokyo, Japan (June, 2015)

graphic / product design intern & assistant
loworks inc., Tokyo, Japan (June, 2015 - November, 2016)

gallery handyman / curation advisor & proofreader
matchbaco gallery, Tokyo, Japan
(June - July, 2015)

investment research intern
Edison investment research, ltd., holborn, England
(June - July, 2013)
My creative education mostly consists of...
Goldsmiths, University of London
BA (Hons) Design (September, 2016 - August, 2020)
At Goldsmiths, I learned the core principles behind the words 'Creating' and 'Designing'. During my time there, I was engaged in the practices of design thinking, management and direction. I discovered the freedom in personal projects and started my journey with open-source creative software. 

Ravensbourne, north greenwich
Foundation Diploma in Design & Media
(September, 2015 - September, 2016)
Ravensbourne served as my foundation to industry design. At this university, I transitioned from 'playing' to 'producing'.
This time gifted me with an understanding of the bridges that need to be built between a meta and a reality. Here, I focused on proposals and production. 

Central Saint Martins, University Of Arts London
Design Summer Course
(July - July, 2014)
This short course was a vital experience in understanding rapid design proposals and the importance of delivering ideas as 'short and sweet'. 

Central Saint Martins, University Of Arts London
Introduction to Product Design (July - August, 2014)
This short introduction to product design covered the basics of a range of design from CPG to furniture. It drew from the parallels in each and the differences that make them unique to their own categories.

King Alfred School, hampstead
Art and Design (September, 2013 - 2015)
During my education at King Alfred School, I studied Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Computing, Art, Design & Physics. Despite my interest in these subjects, I struggled to achieve my full potential. I was faced with mental differences that delayed my abilities. The creative arts and the creativity in mathematics helped me to regain confidence and express myself in ways I was previously unable.
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