An infinite realm of values exist between 0 and 1. These are points between a 'start' and an 'end' that represent the value of forward motion. A journey consists of these values; markers that reflect the progress and realizations an individual takes to move forward.

In the first year of project: SNAFU, I decided to commit to 'Everyday Art', creating something once a day.
I did this under the pseudonym 'Seven', and these are the checkpoints of my first year creating:

Ground Zero: 
Manifest a... manifesto...
Don't do it to 'publicly announce' your aims. Do it to visualize your goals & create something immovable. This is the start and cannot be edited. It is the zero... The start of all to come.
The First Three:
The first 3 months of anything is the hardest 3 months... because of what we're meant to do, or what we think we're supposed to do.
In these first 3 months, our focus should be on building rituals and committing to a single root origin... The aformentioned, primordial ZERO.
It's easy to skip over this; motivated by potential and blind to the importance of healthy and sustainable rituals. 
So how did we overcome it? Not a clue... but I carried a notebook and recorded EVERYTHING and that seemed to help.
Even if I deemed something 'unimportant', I recorded it.
The Keyword:
When experimenting, I started playing with one keyword. That should be the foundation of habit and ease one into any journey.
This keyword can be anything (a genre, style, method, process, thought, action, object, etc.). From there, over time, other keywords will flow, building towards the unclear future. 
Simply put, instead of multitasking different desires, focus on one and it will naturally expand from there. Trust the process. 
My initial keyword was 'composition' [the artistic arrangement of the parts of an image]. From there, it absorbed words like texture, lighting, angles, workflows and so on...
Second Nature:
When the process in the journey becomes habit, start toying with 'themes'. Like keywords, the theme could be anything. My goal here was to implement a challenge in the process I felt I had mastered... or at the very least grown comfortable with.
Adding a new constant variable helps to compliment learning while pushing oneself out of the comfort zone. Like adding more objects to a juggler's loop. 

My first theme was 'color'. There's something about purples and blues that I love... It didn't need to be deep or meaningful.
What makes Art and Design special is that everyone has a unique style. When this can be nurtured, it reflects on our mental health positively... And that... is not an intentional direction, it's just a happy coincidence.
Hours Vs Days:
Along the journey, what previously may have taken more than a day, will suddenly takes minutes or hours. Repetition... A great exercise in mastering the art of an act or skill. This won't be something you need to focus on. It will develop over time in ways you won't immediately notice. Alongside time, you'll also notice that skill and/or quality will improve. Time spent does not always equal value. This is a vital step in gaining momentum and breaking free from imposter syndromes and feelings of inadequacy. 
16th of April, 2020
16th of April, 2020
11th of September, 2020
11th of September, 2020
Copy & Paste:
What you have journeyed through can only expand from here. The foundations are laid. Skills and thought processes will start to trickle into other areas of the journey automatically. The process will become autonomous, guiding you through your own path. Somewhere in this, you'll find a balance between the randomly natural and the stressfully controlled. 
At this point, you start to feel the confidence to venture into areas that were previously overwhelming...
And it doesn't stop there... but the rest, can't be written out for you.
"Fly birdie fly, be free and spread your wings!.."
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