From Cell to Fork is a speculative cookbook curated by Ahad Mahmood, exploring the culinary opportunities created by cultured meat. During his time in Global Innovation Design at the RCA, he had the opportunity to work on an exchange with the Shoji Takeuchi BioHybrid Labs [at the University of Tokyo's Institute of Industrial Sciences] to deliver an exciting proposal for the In-Vitro industry. 
With the aim to demystify questions and concerns around this industry, Mr. Mahmood spotlights what may become a cornerstone of our food systems in the near future. Cultured meat.

Tasked with helping him to visualize his proposed reality, we worked to deliver exciting meat-structure concepts, including this complex shape aptly dubbed the 'Dandelion Steak'. 

The creation of this Dandelion Steak involved a simple 3-step process.
1 - Create a block-primitive of the final structure. This primitive would be the foundations for the detailed outcome. 
2 - Simulate a particle pathway for 'strands' that branch out and stem, in naturally random directions, from a central root.
3 - Tinker with modular shading systems & nodes to replicate (the matte, gloss, refraction, translucency and sub-surface) textures of meat.

The challenges in the project were not the technical aspects, but rather to create something delicate and intricate. Something similar to saffron, yet maintain a narrative and character of meat. A naturally impossible product.
Ahad Mahmood is a master of photography and a keen interdisciplinary designer. This project is still 'in the works' and will eventually be a pillar in the community discussion on the pros, cons & creative expansion that cultured, in-vitro meat can bring to the food industry. 
If you are interested in learning more about Mr. Mahmood's project,
From Cell to Fork, or other works, you can visit his website here.
Development & Behind the scenes
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