And by it, I'm referring to anything. All forces and movements begin somewhere, sparking even from the smallest of places.

This project started with a text from a friend. A simple text reminding me of my love for blueberries. 
Shortly after, I changed my Instagram nickname to Blueberry Boy and... lo and behold, it picked up. Others started dubbing me by my fruit-inspired alias.
And then came the spark, one month into this blueberry bonanza.

I love blueberries so much, I should make a 3D blueberry. Make it as photorealistic and as natural as possible.
This project is and will always be ongoing. I'll study the blueberry, iterate on my designs of the blueberry, implement it into my projects, into my life. 

You might have even noticed through my portfolio the mention of blueberries. I will become the blueberry.
I will dive head first into a blueberry kind of insanity, where it touches on different aspects of my creative self. Throughout, you'll find little reminders of this humbling design idea: Everything has importance. 
Blueberry insanity will be a segue into exploration... How far can I take this... And what will it become?
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